Computer Direct Outlet in Greenville SC for computer parts

Sure, we sell computers, servers and all the components that comprise them, but we don’t always stock every part.

Yes, we can get any part the next business morning at no additional charge, but sometimes, you need something TODAY and therefore, I am making a plug for our friends over at Computer Direct Outlet here in Greenville, SC.

CDO stocks hard drives, RAM, power supplies, various input output (I/O) cards, cables, cases, motherboards, processors and just about everything you could want or need, and they sell to the public. They’ve been around for years and seem to have a very happy following. We have made purchases from them ourselves! Sure beats the big places that charge too much and have a limited selection.

Computer Direct Outlet / CDO can be found here:

2382-A Laurens Rd –Ā Greenville, SC 29607


Tell them that Homeland Secure IT sent you. No, they won’t give you a discount, but it will let them know that we’ve go their back!

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