We’re going to give away a micro computer to some cool kid in Greenville / Upstate SC #RaspberryPi

It’s been a long time now since we gave away something as I couldn’t find the perfect thing to represent our business and still be fun and interesting….  After all, who wants a bag of CAT 5 patch cables?

The hottest thing since my band (Hot As A Pepper) is the ultra-cool Raspberry Pi, a computer that is smaller than my wallet (but just as thin) that runs a full operating system and offers a multitude of input/output options. They are so hot in fact that there is a waiting list.   We’re on it for another one, and we’ll be giving it away.

It features:

  • Subcompact size
  • HDMI Digital Audio/Video Out – 720p
  • Analog Audio Out
  • Analog Composite Video Out
  • 10/100 Network Interface
  • SD memory card
  • A pair of USB ports
  • GPIO

You can fire up a Linux distribution on it and even Android OS is on the horizon…  What’s not to like?

Thing is, I have to determine just how to give this away. Our last giveaway was out of hand, with thousands of entries that were difficult to manage. That can’t happen again.  Rafflecopter is not great either. So I am in search of the perfect giveaway / contest method.  We’re also going to limit the computer giveaway to the Greenville / Upstate SC area.

Thoughts?  Let me know by replying here or clicking on the CONTACT link in the navigation bar.

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