Mailbox level backup for your Microsoft Exchange server is more affordable than you might think!

How are you backing up your Microsoft Exchange server?

Many businesses are using the Microsoft provided NTBackup, which can backup the entire store, while others may be using another backup package that backs up the entire store. The super-budget minded may be using scripts to shut down the Exchange and then copy the store to an external hard drive.

Still others use a cloud backup solution that doesn’t support Exchange backup, so they do an NT Backup or something similar to a drive, THEN let the cloud software backup the backup to the remove servers.

Of course, the ideal way to backup your mail server is a combination of methods, from a full DR (disaster recovery) backup which can restore a downed machine in minutes, to an OS, file and backup solution like Backup Exec 2012 backing up to a tape library…   If you ARE using Backup Exec and have the BEWS Exchange Agent, then you can do some additional magic.

While an Exchange Store backup can return your Exchange database to a functional state should there be major corruption, or if your CEO loses his mail, you could go back in time and return everyone in the business to a point in time where the CEO’s mail was indeed working well.

Mailbox level backup, just like it sounds, lets you backup individual mailboxes, which can be restored without affecting others in the organization.  In the above scenario, the CEO has lost his mail, and if you are using mailbox level backup, you can have it back in minutes! This comes at a cost. Backup Exec with the necessary license to backup Exchange is a hefty amount of coin, though totally worth it.  Then you must configure various jobs to handle this, and have some place to put all this data (usually a tape drive or RDX or even a NAS / SAN, and sometimes just a USB external hard drive).

Should you be backing up your systems using file backup or image backup technology, and wish to add mailbox level backups, there’s yet another way to do this, and it is very affordable!

Servosity, our online backup partner, has mailbox level backup that can be deployed in minutes, and it’s only a couple dollars (plus the cost of the storage) per mailbox you wish to backup.  You don’t even have to backup EVERY mailbox, you could backup just important ones!

Of course you are interested now that you heard it is both available and affordable, so use the contact link from our navigation menu above or call us at 864.990.4748 for more information or to arrange a FREE 14 day trial of this product. We have been working with Servosity in the Greenville area for a number of years and the user satisfaction has been stellar!


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