Wish your business had the servers of a Fortune 500 company? You can! #hacked

For a price, you can have access to a Fortune 500 server and network according to an article on krebsonsecurity.com.

In the article, they explain hackers are creating a virtual services network of their own, using exploited / compromised / hacked systems sitting inside the corporate networks of Fortune 500 companies.

But it is not just the big corporations that are being compromised, it is businesses just like the one you work at or maybe own. The hackers are able to leverage holes in the operating systems of servers and weak passwords to gain full access, and then sell that access to others who might use your server to gain further access into your network, or simply setup a porn server, or a point where they can hack through your server to other servers elsewhere.

How do you protect yourself? Contact an IT professional who can assist you with an evaluation of your network.

Homeland Secure IT will work with you to help tighten up computer and network security as well as to help determine if your server has already been exploited. We can check your Microsoft Windows servers, RDP servers, firewalls and other common means of access for updates, apply them and determine the best way to keep your company network up to date without affecting your work flow.

Call us today at 864-990-4748 or use our CONTACT link on the website for more information.

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