Microsoft Windows 7 Malware Infection Rate on the Rise

Microsoft Windows 7 Malware Infecton Rate on the Rise in 2012

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Microsoft’s Security Intelligence Report, Volume 13 is full of information that will cause your eyes to bleed, but one tidbit that is important to take note of is that Windows 7 malware infection rates are on the rise.

Computer World has a great article on the subject at this link, and a spiffy graph that looks like this:

Malware infection rates

From the graph, you will notice that Windows 7  has experienced a sharp increase (as high as 182%) in malware infection rate in 2012.

What the graph doesn’t show is that in that same time period, Windows 7 has taken over as the leading Microsoft Operating System, nor does it show that Apple and Linux related malware has increased at the same rates or higher in the same time period.

An important take away from the Computer World article is that “Even with that drastic increase, Windows 7 remained two to three times less likely to fall to hacker attack than the aged Windows XP”.

It still comes down to this one thing: KEEP YOUR SYSTEMS UPDATED!  This action alone will not entirely protect you, but when combined with some common sense, and the use of quality anti-virus / anti-malware, such as Trend Micro Titanium, your chances of being exploited are reduced dramatically over those who don’t follow suit. Oh, and if you are running Windows XP, please upgrade!

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