Mozilla Firefox 16 browser released and then pulled due to security concerns

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Mozilla Firefox 16 Whoopsie

Did you download the new release of the popular Mozilla Firefox 16 browser? Undownload it.

If you are like a number of our clients who use Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers because you believe them to be safer than Microsoft Internet Explorer, then you are likely to be disappointed in the version of Mozilla Firefox released recently as it is anything but safe. The version 16 update was released yesterday (10-10-2012)  and then pulled from their website a day later.

Mozilla Firefox 16 originally was meant to correct 14 security advisories, of which a 11 were considered critical. The new version introduced a much larger issue you can read about on the Mozilla Security Blog.

Anyone who downloaded and installed version 16 should consider a downgrade to version 15.0.1 which can be found on the website.

Obviously, Mozilla is not the only company trying to keep up with security concerns. Google Chrome has made multiple security updates this month, and Microsoft has been busily updating their browser as well.

Not to beat a dead horse, but, please keep your computer operating system (Apple Mac, Windows, Linux) up to date, with current and robust anti-virus / anti-malware which supports web monitoring, update all your helper apps like Adobe Reader, Flash, Air, Acrobat and Java, main applications, and browse using a little common sense. That may go a long way towards protecting you regardless of which browser you opt to utilize.

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