What does free really cost?

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What follows is a guest blog post from our friends at EPC, a company providing data destruction services for your end of life computer equipment.

What Does Free Really Cost?

You’ve met the “guy with the pick-up truck” that can take your PC in for free. All of us have. But where does your data on that PC “go?”

Even in a down economy, you have to take a longer look at what “free” means to you not only as a business, but personally. Every year, millions of dollars both outright and in reputation are lost by companies and people all over the world. What can you do to ensure that the data that makes you the company that you are stays safe? How can you protect the information, say from website transactions you make during the year, and trust that your data won’t fall into the wrong hands?

First things first: Let the guy in the pick-up truck drive off empty handed.

Data Destruction isn’t just drilling holes in hard drives or chopping them in half with axes. Today’s hacker can extract data from places you haven’t even yet imagined. It’s time to make sure that the data on your hard drives and electronic media are appropriately sanitized via a certified, NAID sanitation process;  this ensures all information on that drive is permanently  erased.

EPC, Inc. established in 1984, has been in the Data Destruction business for a long time, serving thousands of companies in North America. From the smallest Mom & Pop shop, to Fortune 100 industries, EPC, Inc. has not only the experience, but a proven track record of ensuring that the information that makes companies what they are never falls into the wrong hands.

Whether it’s our e-Steward-certified E-Scrap Processing Center, or our fleet of DDRV’s (Data Destruction Recycling Vehicles), EPC, will deliver the customized service to fit your Data Security needs.

Secure Data Erasure is the ultimate solution, but if your company is looking for another sound option in Data Destruction, EPC, Inc. features a series of HIPAA-compliant, NAID-certified processes that not only shred the materials to Department of Defense specs, but ensure that the materials go to the right place. EPC ensures responsible handling that adds even more security to a solution that will get you satisfied.

EPC, Inc. has recently teamed-up with John Hoyt of Homeland Secure IT, to offer customers in South Carolina a true solution to your IT Destruction needs.

Are you ready to do something different, that ensures the integrity not only of the data on your PCs, but also your reputation? Why not also help the environment at the same time?

It’s time to change the way you think about the end of your electronic assets inside and outside business. Let EPC, Inc. help you meet those needs.

Start your search for a solution now:  Call Eric Levy 636-443-1999
Or visit: http://www.epcusa.com

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