Your South Carolina business credit may at risk

You would have to be living under a rock to not be aware of the fact that network security at the South Carolina Department of Revenue has been compromised and that millions of Social Security Numbers have been potentially absconded with.

What you might not know is that over 650 thousand businesses have also potentially been affected as well! The EINs or Employer Identification Numbers for businesses may be in the hands of the bad guys too.

Dun & Bradstreet Credibility Corp. is offering free credit reports for South Carolina businesses. Visit their website or call them at 1-800-279-9881 for further information.

Individuals in SC might want to jump on this: Experian contracted with the State to offer a free credit monitoring service for one year…   Sign up at and enter the activation code SCDOR123.

Would you like to discuss network security for your business? Please call us at 864-990-4748 if you are in the Upstate South Carolina area. We can provide enterprise grade firewall appliances, network security monitoring, intrusion detection, secure wireless networks with isolated guest access, anti-virus / anti-spam, data loss prevention which monitors outgoing email for your entire company and prohibits sending of social security numbers, credit card numbers, and more.

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