Jabra SPEAK 510 bluetooth wireless conferencing system

Jabra SPEAK 510 bluetooth conferencing systemEvery once in a while, something comes along that can make your life easier, while being affordable. The Jabra SPEAK 510 series bluetooth wireless conferencing system is exactly that.

Not so long ago, a business would have a conference take place in an actual conference room. However, these days, people might crowd around a computer in an office, or a speakerphone in the break room, and some might even be using Skype on an iPad on a business retreat. Usually with poor audio quality on both ends.

Jabra has taken notice and created the new SPEAK 510 and 510+ conferencing systems for use in just about any scenario!

These are portable devices that can wander up to 300 feet away and turn any room into a conference room!

You can use it wirelessly with ANY bluetooth phone, tablet or PC, or optionally tether it.

Using one could not be more simple thanks to very easy to understand controls.

If a Jabra conferencing system could be of use to your business, please contact us as we are your Greenville and Upstate SC Jabra dealer!  864-990-4748 for more information.


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