Unpatched critical Java vulnerability in latest patched version of Java?

Sun Microsystems JavaNo, this is not a repeat from the other day, or last month, or well, ever.

The Department of Homeland Security’s suggestion to disable Java in your browser, whether you are using a Mac, Linux box or Windows PC is still probably the best route for you to take, but I know you won’t.

Here’s the details….  As I warned our customers – the patched version of Java 7 is *still* vulnerable to exploitation.

To make it even more interesting, the exploit is available for the “bad guys” to purchase and use for a mere $5k.

You can read that story over here: $5000 will buy you access to another, new critical Java vulnerability

Again, to anyone reading this…  If you can get along without it, you might consider the advice to disable the Java plugin. If you need assistance with that, please let us know.  Optionally, if you feel your computer may have been exploited, seek professional technical support. We are happy to discuss the matter with you here in the Greenville SC area.  Give us a call at 864-990-4748.

Be safe out there…


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