Apple Macs infected with malware – at Apple Inc

Remember the computer that is impervious to malware, the Apple Mac? Well here’s one for you…

Yesterday, Apple Inc announced that computers within their own network have been exploited.  Mac computers in other companies have also been exploited.

It’s always a heated subject whenever I mention that more and more Apple Macs are becoming compromised. Very passionate people will argue with me until they are blue in the face about how Microsoft Windows machines are more vulnerable, and that their Mac never gets infected. However, I must add this in – as a provider of business computer service and support. We have seen a steady decline in malware on Windows 7 computers, and no infections as of this date on Windows 8. While, Mac issues are increasing.

Here’s a link to the Reuters story.

As always, regardless of whether you own a Windows based computer or a Mac, please take these simple steps at the very least to help insure the security of your computer:

  • Keep your machine’s operating system up to date with patches!
  • Keep all applications, such as Microsoft Office, Adobe Reader up to date with patches
  • Support applications such as JAVA should be kept up to date (and some feel disabled or uninstalled
  • Use current COMMERCIAL anti-virus which permits the scanning of websites in real time (We suggest Trend Micro)
  • Avoid sketchy websites, don’t open emails (You didn’t win the Microsoft Lotto, trust me)
  • If you feel you have been exposed, seek a professional immediately
  • Watch those public hot spots if using a notebook (man-in-the-middle)
  • Do not give permission for anything to install that you didn’t initiate
  • Go straight to Adobe or other software provider for your updates
  • Don’t initiate a scan for malware if prompted while visiting a website

Should you need assistance with any computer or network security issue for your home or business in the Greenville or Upstate SC area, please do not hesitate to call upon us at 864-990-4748 or use our contact form.


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