Microsoft hearts you – Post Valentine’s Day patches are coming your way!


Strap in….  Patches are ‘a comin’ to your Microsoft Windows based computer or Server on February 12, 2013, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

See, Microsoft DOES love you.  Never doubt.

That’s right! For the low, low price of only zero dollars, you will be receiving a number of feature loaded patches, the Microsoft Advance Notification for February 2013 says that you will be eligible for up to a dozen fun-packed bulletins worth of heart-felt updates.

There are five CRITICAL bulletins that affect Microsoft Windows, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Server Software. One absolutely requires a reboot, and it is suggested that you apply it and reboot afterwards. The penalties for avoiding these? Remote Code Execution! In layman’s terms, it means, your machine could be owned by the bad guys and they could have their way with it, scouring it for content, watching for you to log into your bank, or enter a credit card online.

The other bulletins are just as important, hence the label of “Important”, allowing remote code execution, denial of service and elevation of privilege to potentially ruin your day. The affected products are Windows Server Software, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office and the Microsoft .NET Framework.

Don’t delay, update today. Errrrrrm, well, after Patch Tuesday anyway!

While you are at it, you need to get the JAVA and Adobe Flash/Reader/Acrobat updates installed too, even if you are using an Apple Mac!

If you have questions, or need assistance with these or any other updates or security concerns in the Greenville or Upstate SC area, please call upon us at 864-990-4748 or use our contact links.

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