Microsoft Office 2013 is not transferable to another PC


If you have purchased, or plan to purchase, a new computer with the OEM version of Microsoft Office 2013 on it, please understand that the installation of that Office 2013 can only be done on the computer it was first installed on.

In other words, let’s assume you buy a new computer from Homeland Secure IT along with Microsoft Office 2013 OEM / PKC, and 2 years later, you replace the computer. Previous versions of Microsoft Office would permit you to reinstall the OEM office that you originally purchased on a new computer, but, 2013 will NOT.

This is not anything new, as OEM / PKC versions of Microsoft Office have always been licensed for use with a new computer only. The license agreement expressly forbid you from installing it again on another computer.  Just like the OEM version of the Microsoft Windows Operating System. It was meant for one computer only. Without question, people have purchased the OEM version and then (against the license agreement) installed it on their next new computer too.

What IS new is that the RETAIL version of Microsoft Office will only allow you to load it on the first computer you install it on, then it is forever locked to that computer. That’s not just part of the EULA, it is apparently part of the registration mechanism.

Computer World and other computer news outlets have been obtaining more information, but it appears that this is true for the OEM, Academic, and the retail Home & Business versions.

You can read the Microsoft EULAs here:

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