Windows 8 automatic restart after updates really upsets some people

So you’ve got Windows 8 and you are loving it, or maybe not.

Once you get past that totally different interface, and the login if you are on a domain, one annoying trait that may tweak your shorts is the forced automatic restart after updates are applied. You would notice that where Windows keeps saying that your machine is going to reboot and actually starts to count down. How annoying, right?

Even though this behavior is annoying, it has a purpose! When “Patch Tuesday” comes around, and these updates are pushed to your computer and installed, it needs to reboot in order to close out the vulnerable components and patch them so you are protected from nasty exploits.

Failure to apply and activate updates can (and does) lead to machines which are in a vulnerable state, and visiting malicious websites, or opening malicious documents, even though the updates have been installed, but the machine is not rebooted, may result in viruses, trojans, worms and other malware being installed.

I think that was redundant, but I really want you to understand just how important these updates are!

That being said… Should you get too annoyed by the forced reboots, there’s a potential way around this by using the Group Policy Editor.   That setting is found under Local Computer Policy, Computer Configuration, Administrative Templates, Windows Components, Windows Update…    Just set “No auto-restart with logged on users for scheduled automatic updates installation” to “Enabled”.

But don’t do it, unless you have another means for maintaining your patch management.  Really, don’t do it.

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