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Cisco SPA509 phones ready for deployment

Q: Why is it that just about every corporation you walk into has Cisco phones on their desks?

A: Because they have become the standard by which almost every other VoIP solution is measured.

People in business have grown to expect a certain level of quality. From feel of the handset and how heavy it is and whether it fits their hand nicely, to the responsiveness of buttons, and without a doubt, the audio quality of the handset and the speakerphone. Other important aspects of the user experience are the bells and whistles, such ringer selection, headset interfaces and the display.

Almost every VoIP manufacturer tries to mimic the look and feel of Cisco because it is familiar to so many already.

We have a small business, can we afford a Cisco system?

That’s a pretty common question… The answer is “YES!”. In addition to making their world-class enterprise phone systems, they also make a line of affordable products designed specifically for small and medium businesses.

The entry level UC500 series (UC = Unified Communications) offering is the UC540 which comes with support for up to 24 phones but can expand to 32 phones. This system can use inexpensive SIP trunking to save you money on the monthly phone bill, and be perfect for most small law firms, doctors offices, dentist offices, realtors and churches. The Cisco UC540’s feature list is vast! Automated Attendant, Voice Mail to Email, Caller ID, SIP, paging, multi-site support, full support of just about any Cisco handset you could possibly want to use, including the affordable and feature packed SPA series.

Though I cannot give you a price in this blog post as there are a number of factors to consider, suffice it to say, the UC540 and a dozen phones competes nicely against any brand of VoIP, key or PBX offering.

When it comes down to providing a quality solution, it will be hard to beat the Cisco.

Homeland Secure IT is a Cisco Select Small Business certified vendor /partner in Greenville, SC. We would love to talk with you and determine if this is the solution for you!  Give us a call at 864-990-4748 or use the contact form on our website.



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