Sign up for @copyapp with this link, and we’ll both get 5 GB of free cloud storage in addition to the usual 15 GB:

Do you store files online with something like Dropbox?  Well, drop Dropbox and check out Copy.

Dropbox gives you 2GB of free storage which you can access from your Windows or Mac computer, iPad, iPhone, Android, etc.

That’s great and all, except that Copy gives you *15* GB of free storage.  Actually, they give you 20 GB if you use this link:

All you have to do is visit there, sign up, and install their app on your phone or desktop and your account will receive 20 GB of storage, and you will also receive my appreciation too, as your actions will result in me getting another 5 GB for referring you! As a photographer who wants to share photos with the victims of my shutter finger and as I take more and more photos, Dropbox’ free 2 GB has been limiting and paying for storage for something I make little money off of is not attractive, so I have been using my own FTP server.

BTW: Once you are setup, you can refer your friends and get 5 GB for each one that signs up too. One person I know of has 90 GB of free storage in return for the referrals he has given. Some people have TERABYTES!

But what about a business? Does Copy work for organizations who have multiple users and need permissions for each person accessing the data? Absolutely. They provide a business account at a very reasonable fee which allows finite control of your assets.  If an employee leaves, you can lock down their access.

Give it a try and respond here with your thoughts, especially if you are comparing it to Dropbox


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