Are you afraid of social media?

I have a hard time trusting people who are not active and open on social media. My perception is that they are hiding something…

What are some reasons for NOT using social media to connect with people and share either your personal or business life (or in my case, both)???

Reasons people might abstain from being social on the internet:

– Owe money – don’t want to be found
– In the witness protection program
– Have multiple personalities (gets too confusing to be logged into the right profile)
– Running from the mob or a drug lord because you ripped them off
– Have multiple girl/boyfriends/husbands/wives and don’t want them to find out about the others
– Do illegal things and don’t want to be discovered by authorities
– Do stupid things (party, etc) and don’t want to be discovered by friends or family
– A “devout Christian” who doesn’t want to let their church know they are in a same-sex relationship, or go out drinking on Saturday
– Avoiding the IRS – Don’t want them to know you are buying new boats and planes
– Paranoid about “them” – because “they” are probably watching you right now. (NSA anyone?)
– Paranoid about identity theft – because there’s absolutely no other way for people to get information about you ;)|
– Don’t want their insurance provider to know they do extreme sports
– Afraid an employer will find out they living beyond their means (stealing from the company, or don’t NEED a raise)
– Job hunting – don’t want potential employers to know they drink every night and sleep late every day
– Really dislike their family and friends and don’t WANT a relationship
– Afraid of connections, commitments, etc.
– Court order forbids them from having a public social media page (or contact with children)
– Lack of technology – No internet access or device with a browser
– A strong commitment to family where they don’t want to miss a moment with their wife or children
– Too darn busy to use Social Media, even when in the bathroom like most people do and had rather spend that “downtime” playing Temple Run or Candy Crush
– Fear of the unknown – just fear in general

Any other reasons come to mind?  Just reply with your comments and let me know.

What about work?

What about at work?   Do you have a business network where you forbid the use of social media sites? Some work places have put in a total block of all social media sites, the firewall stops that activity dead in its tracks on devices connected to that network, however, that does not prohibit employees from using their own personal devices.   This has prompted some businesses to put a strict written policy in place as well which states that an employee can be dismissed just for checking their personal phone, tablet or laptop during business hours.

Homeland Secure IT can help with the hardware and software end of this, should your company want to block usage of social media. We can provide firewalls and/or software to block and/or monitor this type of activity.

We offer tried and true solutions from the brands you know best, such as Cisco, WatchGuard and Trend Micro.

Have a need or wish to discuss this?  Reach out to us at 864-990-4748 or use our CONTACT form.


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