Don’t risk a ticket – get a hands-free system for your car (Win a JABRA here)

Jabra FREEWAY hands-free bluetooth deviceAgree with it or not, Greenville South Carolina has a new law that states that if you even appear to be using a hand-held device while behind the wheel, you risk a $100 ticket. Not only that, as the old saying goes, “third time’s the charm” applies here because your device can be confiscated and destroyed if so ordered by a judge upon conviction of three infractions of this ordinance.

So what’s a person to do? If your car and phone are equipped with bluetooth, you’re good to go!  Just pair the two and be able to talk without even touching your phone.

But what if your car does not have bluetooth support? Simply purchase one of the many bluetooth speakerphone adapters out that are on the market.

Homeland Secure IT is proud to be a partner with JABRA, one of the largest and most respected bluetooth device manufacturers, and we are recommending one of their units in particular. The JABRA FREEWAY.

The FREEWAY is a tiny hands-free speakerphone and surround sound music player that easily links with your smartphone (up to two of them). It will clip to your visor, and with its built-in battery, it doesn’t even require a cable.

Using the JABRA FREEWAY, you can make phone calls without touching your cell phone.  You can play your music from your smartphone over the built-in speakers, or you can use the built-in FM transmitter to send the audio of your calls and music to your car stereo.

The audio is crisp, the background noise is minimal. The cost is affordable – costing less than a ticket!

For more information about the JABRA FREEWAY – visit their page at

Want to know about the law here in Greenville, SC?  Go here:

Want to BUY a JABRA FREEWAY?  Use our contact form or call us at 864-990-4748

If you want to WIN a JABRA FREEWAY, subscribe to our blog by looking for the “Subscribe to this blog!” section here http://www.homelandsecureit.com/blog/  – Everyone subscribed will be entered to win our April 15th “Tax Day Giveaway”. There are a couple of restrictions: You must be able to pick up the device in person at our Greenville office. Only one entry is permitted.

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