Kevin Mitnick demonstrates a Microsoft Word document exploit

Did you know that most successful computer exploits that we encounter are because the user simply clicked a link, or opened a document without giving it a second thought?

I think we’re all guilty of receiving an email from someone we know, or assume we know, then opening the email and following that link. I know I have done it, in fact, I did it just this week… And to think, I consider myself smarter than the average bear.

It goes without question that you should use a supported operating system, such as Windows 7, Windows 8 or 8.1 (or one of the newer versions of Mac OSX, or whatever flavor of Linux you love), but you should also keep the latest updates on that operating system, and you should put all the security updates and patches on the helper applications such as Adobe Flash, Microsoft Office. You should also run trusted anti-virus, like Trend Micro Worry-Free or Titanium.

However, even with all that, it does take a solid does of common sense to protect yourself.

Famed hacked, turned whitehat, Kevin Mitnick, demonstrates in this video what might happen if you open a Word document from an untrusted source:

KnowBe4 has the “Security Awareness Training” course that you can take online at, and they even have a free Phishing Security Test which companies can sign up for, then share the link with their employees to test their phishing IQ.

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