Apple iPad 2 owners may wish to hold off on that IOS 8 update

If you have not updated your iPad 2 to IOS 8 yet, you might want to hold off or potentially suffer the same consequences that I have.

Here’s the list of the most annoying issues that affect me since updating my iPad 2 64GB w/Verizon Cellular to IOS 8:

EXTREMELY SLOW – When opening apps, or switching between them – We are talking just the built-in apps. Mail, Safari, Settings….

Extremely slow Wi-Fi AND broadband. The Wi-Fi is the worst though. Horrible. Page load times are 2 to 4x slower than my wife’s iPad.

Battery life reduced by at least 25%. Used to make it all day long, now I am having to plug it in.

Heat – It is working so hard that the processor is heating up. That can’t be healthy for it, and surely the majority of the power issues stem from this.

Copy/Paste not functioning correctly between browser windows. Oh this is frustrating. I just want to paste the URL of one website I am on to Facebook, for instance. Even though I COPY, it’s pasting in info I clipped a earlier in the day to one browser tab, but if I open another one, it will paste the correct information. You never know what you are going to get.

Cannot post a photo to facebook by hitting the camera icon when leaving a reply or making a post (using web browser version)… It starts the upload, then just stops. I *CAN* go to photos, then SHARE it to facebook, but that doesn’t allow me to post a photo along with a reply.
Multiple app crashes per day. This I can deal with. It’s nothing new, it’s just more frequent. Safari and Mail seem to be the major culprits. It wouldn’t be so bad except it takes 2-4 seconds to reopen the crashed app. Sometimes as much as 10 seconds.

And that’s just the annoying ones….

I find this absolutely unacceptable.

Apple should have given me a warning “Notice: While you CAN install IOS 8 on your IPad 2 64GB w/Cellular, we highly recommend you do not as you will experience slow performance. CONTINUE? or BUY NEW IPAD?”

I’ve dealt with many thousands of computers, servers and connected devices over the years, with countless software/OS/firmware updates, and not one of them has been this poorly executed. That includes Windows ME and Windows Vista.


If you already have updated and are experiencing similar issues, it MAY be possible for you to restore your iPad to IOS 7, unfortunately for me, that is hopeless.   I can theoretically go back to IOS 7, but due to a corrupted image, I will lose everything and have to start over by reinstalling the applications and reconfiguring them.

My thoughts: Get your act together Apple….

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