Pardon our dust – we’re revamping our website

Website redesign in progressIt’s time for a cool change.  We’re going to spend the next few weeks toying with our website and ways to make it more useful to our clients and to us.

A web based store for some of our most common products may be in the works and an additional website that is specific to one service we offer will also be forthcoming.

When the dust settles, hopefully it will be both functional and easier to navigate.

Why don’t we just do it on a test platform instead of working on our live site? Because with the amount of traffic we receive, we can monitor the effectiveness of changes in real-time.

As always, your input is appreciated, so feel free to shoot us an email, use our CONTACT FORM or even reply to this post.

We’ll still have plenty of time to accomplish all the computer repair, sales and consultation we do, so don’t worry! Call us if you need us.

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