Microsoft Windows 10 Update Got You Down?

Microsoft Windows 10 LogoIf you are using Microsoft Windows 7, 8 or 8.1, you have been probably been harassed prompted to install Microsoft Windows 10 by now.

In fact, we have had people call who said that their operating system didn’t even prompt them, it actually gave them a countdown and said it was going to install, and it did. Others claim that they were given no option to cancel the upgrade.

While the upgrade is free, it might not be what you want. It may not work flawlessly with your other installed software or devices such as printers, or you may feel that the data collected by Microsoft could be intrusive.

Whatever the reason you don’t want or don’t need it, once it is installed, your options are to either live with the new Windows 10, or revert back to the previous operating system, or even to go with alternative operating system, such as Linux.

Some people who have reverted back, have lost files, which we have been able to recover for them, but that is one thing to consider.

What if you have not upgraded and don’t want to, what are your options? Corporate versions of Windows, like Pro and Enterprise, have the ability for system administrators to set an entire business to NOT upgrade at all.

Home users have taken measures such as completely disabling updates, which we highly recommend you do not do, since your machine will be vulnerable to malware without the necessary updates.

An alternative that may work for you is to use Never10. It can be found here: Gibson Research Corporation Never10

While not endorsing the software, Never10 is offered from a well respected developer with a long history in our industry. It might be perfect for you.

Should you have questions about upgrading (or downgrading) from Windows 10, or if you have problems with Windows operating systems at your business or home, or need computer or network support, please call us at 864-990-4748.

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