Preparedness for COVID-19 / Coronavirus

What ever you do - don't panic!

If we find ourselves faced with a quarantine / lock-down situation such as in China and now Italy and Iran, where our businesses may be closed by order of the authorities, what’s YOUR backup plan?

Can you remotely access your work servers or cloud services? Is it SECURE?

Remote Desktop exposed to the world is a bad idea due to multiple vulnerabilities, but a VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection can be used to access your systems in a much more secure manner.

Assuming you already have these, have you tested them?

If you don’t have the ability to remotely access your business resources, but are interested in getting this functionality implemented, please reach out to us and let’s discuss options.

You can use our CONTACT FORM or call 864-990-4748 x201 for more information. We work with Greenville and Upstate South Carolina based businesses and non-profits exclusively.

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