IN-THE-CLOUD solutions for Greenville, the Upstate and nationwide!

What is an In-The-Cloud solution? It is where you do not OWN the servers, infrastructure and software that you use, instead you access it via an internet connection, from anywhere, and pay as you go. Also known as Software As A Service (or SaaS), Cloud Computing and Hosted Solutions.

You may already be using some form of this technology already. Do you use Google’s gmail to get mail? Then you are already initiated!

Homeland Secure IT, LLC is happy to be authorized and certified resellers of Microsoft’s Office 365 / O365 (previously known as Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite / BPOS & Office Live) & Google Apps, as well as other powerful in-the-cloud solutions.

Both the MS and the Google offering provide you with all the familiar tools you need to get through your day, such as email, word processing, spread sheet, presentation software and more. Each one does it a little differently. If you have always used Microsoft, then their Office 365 will allow you to continue to use tools and applications that look and feel like you are used to.

One of these solutions could be perfect for your business or organization, theoretically saving you money by eliminating the need to purchase servers and multiple software licenses.

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