Home Computers

Sorry, we no longer offer Home Computer Support.

However, we do offer support to home based businesses and to our business client’s who have computers that are used in the field.

Please call 864-990-4748 or email today for more information

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  1. My laptop will not boot up. The on light comes on and it makes the appropriate noises. There is no light on the screen and not ghost lettering to been seen. My research tells me that I need reflow soldering. Do your services include this type of repair? I fix computers but this is out of my area of expertise. I really want to keep this laptop. I am not interested in purchasing a new one at this time.

    1. My suggestion would first be to plug an external monitor in and see if that works.

      Usually, it is just the LCD panel or an inverter that has failed. Those repairs generally run less than 200 dollars for parts and labor.

      We can help… We don’t charge a dime to diagnose a problem if you use us for the repairs.


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