Google On Main Was A Total Success!

Last night my wife Pamela, daughter Megan and her friend Christina attended Google On Main along with hundreds of others and formed the letters that spelled out “Google” while swinging LED glow sticks over our heads and posing for photos and videos as a helicopter and plane flew over. What a blast!

What does it all mean? It means that the community of Greenville depends on high-speed internet, and feel strongly that if Google were to roll out their ULTRA-High-Speed Fiber Internet to the Greenville, SC area, it would help us to thrive… for one of the first overhead shots….   My wife and I were in the big G, while our daughter Megan and her friend Christina were in the red “o”.

Here’s a video of the staging area and some of the setup… Taken with a Flip Mino Ultra HD, which will be giving away soon. Well not that one, but a brand new one! (See the other blog post about that).

Here’s the video from above….  Thanks to Bobby Rettew this:

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