We were chosen as a “Most Viral” winner in the Cisco “Heroes of the Human Network” campaign thanks to you!!!!

That’s right… Our entry into the Cisco “Heroes of the Human Network” campaign was determined to be one of the most viral and we will be receiving a Flip Mino Ultra HD Camera!

While not 10,000 dollars in pure Cisco awesomeness that the grand prize winner will receive, it is certainly much better than nothing at all. In fact, the Flip Mino Ultra HD Camera is an uber-cool tool. If you have not checked one out, I suggest you do so. How do I know? Because my wifey bought one for me as a Christmas gift and those who have seen my annoying YouTube.com channel have witnessed the results of that. (Blame her okay, not me!).

Of course this has created an interesting situation. The other people who work with me at Homeland Secure IT want the camera for themselves, but, how do you split a camera in two and share it between two great guys? Not really possible. Welllllll, anything is possible, I do have a hacksaw, but I just don’t think that is what they are wanting… Two equal sized pieces of non-functional and until recently, very cool camera.

The solution? How about this… Since we won this camera as a result of the campaign held on BrickFish where tons of our friends and followers so selfishly clicked and voted for us and reposted, etc, I believe the best option is to give it away! I’m not exactly sure how, but once we have it in our hot little hands, I think I will post a link on http://www.HomelandSecureIT.com to let people sign up for our spam email newsletter over a 30 day period, and at the end of that period, let a little script randomly pick a number that relates to one person who subscribed.  I think that is the best option.

If you have other ideas, I would love to hear from you, so shoot me an email or click on the comment line above…

Thank you again for your support of Homeland Secure IT!!!!

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  1. To the person who just text messaged me and I don’t know who you are uhmmmmm sorry – raffles are not legal in South Carolina, I think that falls under gambling laws… hahaha Good idea though…

  2. I submitted the entry for my company as well and won!!

    Since I’ll be using the 1000$ gc for the company, they have agree to let me keep the camera.

    plus the exposure that the company will get for 3 months of advertising on CDW’s website is more than enough.

    Congrats to you as well!

  3. How cool Michael… Congratulations! I think this was a very cool way for Cisco to spread the word of their products, and provide one VERY lucky organization with equipment and several individuals with prizes. I love it! When I do get the Flip Mino HD in my hot little hands, I will post a message and offer anyone who wants to enter the chance to win that bad boy. You will love your camera too. I use the heck out of mine… =)

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