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Does your business need a new computer, or maybe several new computers? Homeland Secure IT can help! We have just lowered the price on our premier business computer systems because our supplier has been good to us! It may be cheaper to replace your old computers than to pay for computer repair or upgrade.

These computers are not your average PC that you buy at one of the local office supply places. They are first rate BUSINESS CLASS computers, designed with businesses in mind. Made right here in America, from genuine Intel motherboards and processors and high quality parts. We have been working with this computer company for five years and their customer satisfaction is far above HP, Dell, Lenovo, etc.

What you get is a computer pre-loaded with Microsoft Windows 7 Professional (or XP pro if you require it), ready to join your domain. Sure, you can find a computer for 200 less at local office supply or electronics stores, but what you generally will get will be a machine designed specifically for home use. The operating system will likely be Microsoft Windows 7 Premium, which will require an update to Windows 7 Professional or Windows 7 Ultimate before it can join your business domain. The components may be of inferior design and may not be suited towards 100% duty cycle, where the computer is always on. That is why the computers designed for home use will need power supplies and motherboards replaced more often.

The warranty for these computers is 3 years, and you don’t talk to someone from another country. You can handle any repairs directly with the company if you wish, or we can handle your computer repairs for you. Any problems encountered are most often fixed the same day, as we will replace the component ourself and arrange the warranty exchange with the manufacturer, should you wish us to handle the repair.

We are also offering quanity discounts on these computers…. Upgrade your entire office to Windows 7 Professional and see everyone smile!

Concerned about the new Windows 7 operating system? Afraid it may not work with your existing software? Give us a call, we’ll help you determine if these systems are right for you! We also can take all of the headache away from the upgrades or installs by doing it for you. We’ll migrate all your data and settings without you breaking a sweat anywhere in Greenville or the Upstate.

Need new anti-virus? We sell Trend Micro and Symantec AV to go with your new computer. It may be the right time to upgrade to Microsoft Office 2007 Professional and get a free upgrade to Microsoft Office 2010 Professional so you can have the very latest!

For pricing, please visit: http://www.homelandsecureit.com/business_computer_sale.html or call 990-4748 for more information

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  1. I was just asked if these will work for a home PC… Yes, they will. However, we have computers with Microsoft Windows 7 Premium instead of Professional that will save you a little money.
    These computers can be customized to suit your ever need!

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