There’s never been a better time to switch to Trend Micro WFBS anti-virus!

Trend Micro Worry Free Business Security Anti Virus Promotion

Trend Micro is offering 3 years for the price of two on Worry Free Business Security products!

The headline says it all! There really never has been a better time to switch your business to Trend Micro’s world class Worry Free Business Security anti-virus / anti-malware  / anti-spam products!

For a limited time, we can provide you with THREE years of anti-virus protection for the price of two years. This is a no-brainer for small to large businesses because you license one product for the number of computers you need to protect, and don’t have to worry with a renewal for 3 years! At the time of renewal, you renew one product license for the number of seats you have in use, and not the individual license for each computer.

Whether you need to protect two computers or two hundreds, there is a perfect Trend Micro Worry Free Business Security (WFBS) product for you.

For a small organization, like a church or non-profit that does not have a server, you can use the hosted / in-the-cloud solution to protect as few as two computers, or dozens and still get the full protection. You get a web based console and can check up on the status of all your computers, even if they are notebooks roaming in the field.

For a business who has a server, you probably will want to look at the WFBS Standard anti-virus package. It is loaded on a Windows based server, then each computer in the organization is associated with that Trend Server and from the central console, you can check up on the computers in the network! This makes life for the admin of a business because they are not running to individual computers to maintain anti-virus!

Worry Free Business Security Advanced is for those businesses lucky enough to have a Microsoft Exchange mail server. WFBS Advanced provides all the advantages of the Standard offering, but adds mail server protection to keep viruses, spyware, phishing and other forms of mal-ware out of your email. It stops it cold at the gate! It also features an amazing spam filter that will reduce your spam to a trickle across the entire organization.

There are so many features of these products that you do not get from the competitors that it makes no sense to even consider anything but Trend Micro! You can block down websites based on types of content, you can lock down computers to prevent people from installing software and modifying registry entries, and you can even see attempts by your users at reaching malicious websites, so you can tell who the real power-browsers are at a glance. This is in addition to the “normal” stuff, like firewalls, wi-fi protection, removable media protection, etc.

It doesn’t matter if you are in Greenville or the Upstate of South Carolina, or any of the great 50 states of America, Homeland Secure IT can offer these products to your business at a great price currently. We can sell you the licensing and also provide the installation and support if you happen to be in the Upstate of SC.

Involved with a non-profit, academic or governmental organization? We can offer even steeper discounts! Call or email us to find out what Trend Micro can do for you!

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