Silly Science Trick: Super-Cooling & Snap Freezing Experiment #137

While most people whine and complain about the cold weather, I look forward to it for many reasons. I don’t dig the heat, or the humidity at all, which is really funny because have opted to live in the South!

What’s to look forward to? Snow, ice, seeing your breath, doing donuts in your car in the snow (uhmmm or so I’ve heard), etc. Of course there are the negative sides, such as scraping ice if you don’t have a garage, and worrying about your teenage children driving in the slick stuff.

One thing that never ceases to amaze me is the ability to use the cold in the car to instantly turn a liquid into a solid. In this case, a bottle of water I leave in my car for entertainment purposes. Every cold morning when I get in the car, I perform the following, all in the name of science:

I know, your 5th grader does this too, but hey, at least I am never bored!

Have fun with this, and I will get back to doing that thing we do – computer, server and network service, support and sales here in chilly Greenville, SC…

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