BlackHole RAT malware especially for you Mac OS X owners

A computer security post on entitled, “BlackHole RAT Trojan targets Mac OS X” discusses Mac’s very own variant of a Microsoft Windows Remote Access Tool (RAT) called darkComet.

The Mac version is known as “BlackHole RAT” and it is not quite ready for prime time, though it seems to offer a great stepping stone to be used to target the Mac OSX platform. While most Mac owners still believe they are impervious to exploits, blog articles and service requests tend to prove otherwise. The Mac has mainly been an unattractive target to the authors of malware because the rewards for their efforts would be low.

This is basically “security through obscurity” which certainly can work, but Mac sales have been increasing slowly, making the operating system a little more visible on the black hat radar.

Those of you reading this blog probably feel I am beating a dead horse, but now is the time for you Mac owners to get anti-virus on your systems. It actually may be too late, since the Mac is such a great multitasking system, you may be infected, and not even know it. Another thing to seriously consider is backup!

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