Mozilla Firefox 3.6.15 released – Fixes Java Bug introduced in 3.6.14 last week…

About a week ago (03-02-2011), Mozilla released Firefox update 3.6.14 designed to patch a number of security issues, then they turned around and released Mozilla Firefox 3.6.15 designed to correct a Java bug that presumably introduced in the 3.6.14 update.

The Java applet loading bug does not appear to create new security vulnerabilities, so you should be secure if you updated to 3.6.14, but I do not believe I would hesitate to update to the latest, just in case. Just to be clear, this does affect both Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac users.

This information comes courtesy of the WatchGuard security forum…  Here’s a quote from that posting about upgraded to Firefox 4 BETA:

On the subject of Firefox, if you’re an adventurous user who likes to adopt the latest and greatest as early as possibly, you might want to give Firefox 4 BETA a whirl. I’ve downloaded it myself, and it seems to have sped up my browsing experience a bit. Mozilla also ensures that the latest BETA contain the same security fixes as 3.6.15. – Corey Nachreiner, CISSP

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