“A Midsummer Night’s Dream” Opening Night Performance at Warehouse Theatre, Greenville, SC

Midsummer Night's Dream

Opening Night of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”

directed by Jayce Tromsness and presented by The Warehouse Theatre

As Reviewed by Pamela M. Hoyt

Last night was one of those evenings that leaves a Mom smiling!  Allow me to explain… John, myself, and our daughter, Megan, were very excited about attending the opening night of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” at The Warehouse Theatre.  My son, Brett, had other plans which fell through at the last minute, and I was able to get him a ticket Friday morning so he could be with us as well.  Hence, as every Mom loves, our family was together for a night out and what a great entertaining night it was!

I was dumbfounded by the great lengths that The Warehouse Theatre actors went to set the stage and introduce this production into the Greenville community weeks before the opening.  They used Social Media – which I Loved – with a facebook fan page and created such intrigue with the troupe of actors that were coming from afar to present this production.  A few weeks ago I remember a strange person “friend requesting” me on facebook which got my attention.  I researched the origin of the information, and knowing the storyline of Midsummer, I chuckled in amazement!   They continued this media hit by posting Youtube videos by the great Russell Tripp that exemplified their travels across the U.S. to get to Greenville and followed with an interview by Kimberly Kelly.  The communities excitement was building over the international theatrical troupe that The Warehouse Theatre hired to perform this Shakespeare work… and WE had tickets!

We arrived early so that the four of us could sit together in our usual claimed seats on the back row. Brett, the 15 year old son, was interested when four very attractive young ladies chose to sit in front of us!  I watched as all of them chatted curiously over Paul Savas and Shannon Robert’s display of slight panic as to the whereabouts of the cast!  “Do you think the play will start on time?”  one girl asked.  After a period, I leaned over and informed my son that this was all a part of the setting for the play.  “Oh!” he commented and his face lit up like he knew something that the rest of the room had no clue about.  He actually stopped texting and put his phone away for the entire production!  Ironically, Megan and Brett’s high school drama department is also performing the same play and Megan attended their opening the night before. I knew she was curious to see how the play compared to her friend’s production.

The Warehouse Theatre did not let us down once again!  It is believed that “Midsummer Night’s Dream” was first performed between 1595 and 1596.  Amazing to see a Romantic Comedy from an era so long ago can keep an audience laughing with such light humor and yet on edge waiting on the next scene even today.  To read a description of the play is more confusing than enjoying Midsummer as the dreams unfold.  Basically, the play is based around three couples and the complexities that love evokes as three separate dreams intertwine.  The cast does a marvelous job of engaging the audience and carrying them through this twisted script that young and old can follow along with intrigue whether you are well versed on Shakespeare’s writing or did not pay much attention at all when you had to read this in school.

The troupe of seven actors appeared to constantly have fun with this play and they carried this through from the minute we stepped foot through the door at the Warehouse.  Their fun and light heartedness  was contagious throughout the audience yet they displayed such professional acting that we all wanted to be a part of.  Hint:  Stay away from the front rows if you do not want to have a speaking part! Even the young child, Mae Evelene Tromsness, that played the Changeling Child seemed to enjoy her role throughout the evening.  Each character of Shakespeare’s drama was portrayed with a modern edge and flavor that we all could relate and empathize.  The lighting and setting was kept very simple yet engaging for the audiences enjoyment.

Of course I was anxious to hear my children’s reaction to Midsummer over pizza after the play.  Brett stated that he “Really enjoyed it!”  And Megan just laughed when I asked her how it compared to Thursday nights’ performance at her school.  “My friends are not quite as professional!”  I must throw in that Megan made sure to state that this was her favorite Warehouse Production… second only to Rocky Horror!  Thank you Paul Savas and the Warehouse staff for bringing this fantastic troupe of actors together.  Bravo to the Teatro Moltoimpassionata  for making their journey to Greenville so we might fall in love with the cast of such a top notch production of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.”

To buy tickets or for more information about Greenville’s Warehouse Theatre, visit www.WarehouseTheatre.com – The opening night was sold out, so you may want to hurry and get your tickets so you don’t miss this great performance.



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  1. Excellent first post! Now to get you blogging more! I think you summed it up nicely. We had a wonderful time at the Warehouse Threatre and are looking forward to the next exciting production too!

    Tonight should be even more fun, as there are two events happening, the 2nd showing of “Midsummer Night’s Dream” and a Mardi Gras Party, complete with a funk band!

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