i’m Watch – A little Android bling for your wrist… #android #cool #imwatch

i'm watch in Black & Gold

Father’s day is this weekend, however, one of the things I would like is simply not available yet.

That thing is the “i’m Watch”, a connected watch that works with your Android phone, which is not available to purchase, but you CAN preorder on the www.imwatch.it website.

You get a wrist-watch type device that runs the Android operating system and interconnects to your Android smartphone. It enables you to keep your phone in your pocket, while receiving text messages, email and notifications from popular social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare.

You are not limited to those applications, there will be more available and you can develop your own!

Basically, this thing puts the information you need most right on your wrist.  You can get it in a variety of colors and styles it would appear.

Oh yeah, it’s a watch too… =)

Should I get my hands on one, I will let you know more about it, until then, visit the i’m Watch site for more info.  Now if you ARE with “i’m Watch”, feel free to send me one for father’s day.

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