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A couple weeks ago I was watching a conversation about the popularity of certain devices for browsing and thought I would pull out some recent information about our own website, http://www.HomelandSecureIT.com…

Here’s a look at our site for July 1st until August 1st broken down by browser and platform:

Homeland Secure IT Browser Stats

Homeland Secure IT Browser Stats

Other than the super-high bounce rate, we see some important information…

Internet Explorer running Microsoft Windows is just darn popular! Followed by Firefox and then Chrome, also on Windows…   In fact, they account for about 80 percent of all traffic…

Up next is Safari & Firefox on the Mac…  And then down a bit is Chrome on the Mac.  Mac is the apparent source of 9.38% of traffic to our site (And less than 5% of our business).

The iPad viewers and the Android viewers accounted for 2% and 1.2% respectively… So a number of people were sitting on the toilet while surfing our site.


Here’s a further break down of mobile user specs:

Homeland Secure IT mobile website browser info

Homeland Secure IT mobile browser info


iPad, iPhone & iPod dominates this category for sure, with Android 2nd, and Blackberry 3rd…   Windows made a horrible showing… And what’s up with Palm? Someone is using that? hehe

I compared these stats to July 2010 and found Android usage has come up considerably, but iPad maintained a steady lead even then.

Looking at the percentage of Windows versus other platforms, Windows has lost only a two percentage points in a year, and those were taken up by mobile devices.

It will be interesting to see what this looks like in another year. I’m guessing mobile device usage will continue to grow, maybe even at an accelerated rate due to the large numbers of new tablets being introduced, and smartphones replacing older cell phones…

What are your experiences with your own website/s?


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    1. Aaron,

      Thank you for your reply… I still use IE myself for testing of sites we do work on, and for several sites that REQUIRE IE to function.

      Otherwise I use Chrome as my main browser, on the Windows platform.

      I guess you have seen that there is a study that claims IE users are not as smart as users of other browsers. There sure are a lot of them (IE Users that is)


  1. I’ve actually never seen those, but I know from experience that IE is far slower than Chrome. I understand why you use it for testing, and actually expected such reply, heh. But I’m curious what kinds of sites *require* it?

    1. Here’s the breakdown…. One vendor has an awesome plugin for rapidly moving through their inventory, checking stock, exporting to a quote creation tool, etc, but guess what? No support for any other browser. Without that plugin, the site *IS* usable, but many features are unavailable to me. Another vendor has some odd frames that only IE works well with. It has even CRASHED Firefox in the past, and it is so wonky with Chrome that I just load IE up to visit there. Their tech support says they are working on it, but they said that a year ago too.

      I do online courses from an eLearning site, which allows a psuedo-proctored exam, it requires IE and a web browser, yada yada… No Chrome or Firefox support. In fact, no Mac or mobile support either.

      It’s getting better. Just a year ago, the list was much longer, easily twice as long, but then again, I have found some work-arounds myself for poorly written sites and for those who refuse to support alternative browsers. There’s one eCommerce site I will not even visit any longer because I found a better site that DID work with Chrome and my mobile devices.

  2. My site sees mostly firefox users followed closely by ie and then chrome. Overwhelming use of windows. Mobile browsers hardly show at all. Of course my overall views are low.

    I recently filled out a FAFSA. Their site was ridiculous. Didnt require ie but it wouldn’t let me proceed with s recent version of any browser. Luckily my work computer still has ie8. Most of the sites I have to use for work have recently dropped the ie only requirement.

    1. Bradley,

      Yes, the FAFSA site was horrible, fortunately for me, Pamela did all that for Megan. That reminded me that I was on a US Govt site about a month ago and they had an online form to fill out. It was a pain in Chrome and FF did not like it at all either. Finally loaded it in IE and it worked fine. Don’t they bother testing on multiple browsers? Nevermind, it’s the govt… I already know the answer. heh

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