Analysts predict hard drive supplies could run out by end of November due to Thailand’s flood situation #HDDShortage

Everybody Panic!

Remember what I said back on Oct 25th about the hard drive shortage? Then I rambled a bit more and went as far as to say, “Don’t Panic“???

I think I misled you.  I now upgrade my opinion to, “OKAY, PANIC”.

According to numerous articles citing industry experts and analysts, we’re seeing a total 180 from the “relax, everything is going to be okay” attitude.

One analyst at Piper Jaffray (Gus Richards) believes supplies of hard drives could run dry by the end of November. He stated, “Availability is really going to tighten up. I’m seeing prices quoted anywhere from up 10 to up 60 percent”. Read the entire article over HERE.

Here at Homeland Secure IT, we have been feeling this for many days. Drives that were costing us ~150 dollars are still running as much as 250 dollars. Desktop computers we were quoting at 750 have now gone up as much as 100 dollars to reflect the increase in hard drive costs.

Multiple vendors we work with are entirely out of stock and online retailers are limiting purchases to quantity one, as well as indicating they are out of stock as well.

This week has brought more queries about SSD (Solid State Drives) than we have ever had! Even though we can obtain just about any size or speed SSD you may want, the price is considerably higher than traditional hard drives, even with the inflation taken into consideration.

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