Copier: A playful look at how it works

In case you ever wondered – here’s how that copier works in your office… I’m taking our’s apart tomorrow to make sure this is factual…. =)


Check out the OK Go “End Love” Video

Whenever I see a creative video, I just can’t help myself, I have to share it with everyone. The OK Go’s “End Love” is just that type of video… OK Go have made a habit of creating original and exciting music videos. You don’t even have to like their music to enjoy the effort that went into it and the …

Greenville Google Fiber Movement Still in the Headlines

You would have to be living under a rock to still be in the dark about Google On Main / LuckyGVL (Just Google for #GoogleOnMain, #LuckyGVL, We Are Feeling Lucky, Greenville Google Fiber, etc). You probably already know that a couple thousand people in Greenville SC heard from various means, such as Twitter, Facebook, email, txt message or analog social networking like a …


When You Need Computer Repair Do You Search Online or Use a Phone book?

If you are like most people, you keep a good ‘ol Yellow Page phone book handy. Many offices I have been in over the years while repairing computers have used phone books, but not for looking up numbers, they will tape a few together and raise their monitors up on them so they are viewing at a comfortable angle. And …

Google On Main Was A Total Success!

Last night my wife Pamela, daughter Megan and her friend Christina attended Google On Main along with hundreds of others and formed the letters that spelled out “Google” while swinging LED glow sticks over our heads and posing for photos and videos as a helicopter and plane flew over. What a blast! What does it all mean? It means that …

John is Feeling Lucky! Google: Please hook us up!

By now you have heard about the contest that Google has that will bring one lucky community the fastest internet connection possible. I support Greenville, SC all the way. Google, please hook us up! Please sign our petitions at: https://sites.google.com/a/wearefeelinglucky.com/greenville/get-involved