When You Need Computer Repair Do You Search Online or Use a Phone book?

If you are like most people, you keep a good ‘ol Yellow Page phone book handy. Many offices I have been in over the years while repairing computers have used phone books, but not for looking up numbers, they will tape a few together and raise their monitors up on them so they are viewing at a comfortable angle. And without a doubt, if you run a business, you have phone books being pushed on you by at least 3 companies that publish these directories.

Homeland Secure IT decided not to take out an ad in any of the directories due to the fact that our target market is primarily a very tech savvy group and they use their computers to search for phone numbers and addresses or have VoIP packages that allow them unlimited directory assistance calls. A good majority of them have all the contacts they ever need already programmed into their mail client’s address books.

So I guess the question is, when YOU need computer repair, do you search online or do you reach for a phone book? If you use Google, what would you search for to find a computer repair business? “Greenville Computer Repair” or maybe “Greenville Computer Fix”? I would love to hear your opinions…

For your viewing pleasure, here is Greg Varner, our Network Engineer displaying showing just how he feels about phone books:

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  1. Waste of a tree! So many businesses likely go out of business by the time the new phonebook is printed because of having to pay for the hiked up advertising rates… why not spend the money on a great website!

  2. We do the same thing here at the office. But Pamela, we do recycle afterwards…lol.

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