Wireless Security – When using an open access point is a very bad idea

So you are a student and on a budget,  and you decide that you don’t need to get your own internet connection since some stupid person in your complex has a very strong signal, and fortunately for you the connection is open! Sounds super? Well not so fast… How do you know that the access point you are connecting to has not be specifically setup to harvest information that is transmitted over it?

The AP could be collecting every keystroke you type, on every website you visit. Imagine all your banking information, logins and passwords to your favorite sites. Given enough time, all the key elements needed to steal your identity could be obtained easily.

What about checking email while on the road? Sure, find an open access point and go crazy, but keeping in mind that anything sent through the air may just be intercepted is a good idea. Save the online banking for your secure connection only.

Here is an example of what some people think about open access points…

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