Just what DOES Homeland Secure IT, LLC do anyway?

That question was asked in a webinar a bit ago and was difficult to explain because what we do at Homeland Secure IT is far more than can be explained in a simple response like, “We work on computers”. While that is true, it is by no means the primary focus of our business.

Of course our main site, http://www.HomelandSecureIT.com explains a lot about what we do, but it still does not cover what we do best, which is – we build a relationship with our clients. We don’t just fix or repair their existing infrastructure, we really get to know the client and their needs. Most of the time, we are aware of problems before the client is, and in many instances are able to make corrections before it affects the client. Knowing our client allows us to recommend ways they can get more out of their network and to make recommendations about new technology that may help them WITHOUT interfering with current hardware/software or processes.

We will work with a company from the planning stages onward. Meaning that we will consult with them and their other providers to ensure we build a network which works in harmony. From Voice over IP, to Microsoft Exchange Server, Blackberry Enterprise Server, firewalls and VPNs to networked security cameras, process controls, HVAC, right down to the desktop level. We will handle all the difficult issues and let the business owners do what they do best – run their business!

These relationships extend past the doors of their offices too. We have owners and employees alike calling us after hours, on weekends and holidays, for priority calls, and we also maintain many of their home networks and computers too.

In addition to performing consultation, service, support and sales of all things IT, we also are interested in our community. We have been supporting the Google On Main #GoogleOnMain / #LuckyGVL initiative which is trying to persuade Google to bring their ultra-fast high-speed 1 Gbps connection to Greenville & the Upstate of South Carolina so we can be the testbed for this awesome technology. For more information on how you can get involved to help our community, please visit http://www.WeAreFeelingLucky.com

So what does Homeland Secure IT do? We can do as little or as much as you require. Call us today and schedule an appointment for us to evaluate your needs and determine how we can assist you or your company!

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