Breaking news: My car was just slammed into from behind

Today I was on Hwy 153 on my way in to work, and as I approached a traffic signal that had changed to red, I slowed from 50 or so to around 25-30 with the traffic in front of me, and as I glanced in my rear view mirror, I saw a car coming up on me from behind at a high rate of speed.

Having been the “sandwich car” in my last accident (about 1988 maybe?) where a car hit me from behind and pushed me into the car in front of me, I knew I didn’t want that again, so made the choice to move farther over to the right, hoping the car would miss me and have time to stop before hitting the vehicle in front of me. It didn’t happen like that, instead, the car came over slightly to the right, and managed to hit the right two foot of their bumper on the left two foot of mine, and that resulted in pushing my car to the right, where I impacted with the guardrail (I think she pushed me maybe 30 ft???).

Interesting things happen when you get hit. First of all, all the papers and stuff that were on my sun-visor, and the change and business cards that were in my ashtray, that all flew out and I was hit in the face with quarters and papers. The next thing to happen was all the stuff in my front passenger seat and back seats flew forward as I hit the guardrail and came to a stop…  My camera case (Nikon D70S and lenses) flew OVER the seat and into the front floorboard from the back seat. Ham radio transceivers flew (an ICOM IC 7000 broke loose from its Velcro mounting and hit the back of the rear seats, Alinco DR135TP flew into the floorboard from the back seat, and a Yeasu HT flew into the floorboard)…  Its really quite amazing how much moved in the car…

As far as me… I think I’m okay. Starting to get very sore, and kinda shook up still, tomorrow will be the real test, but I should have the weekend to recover before starting back to work! So that is the blessing of the day! The driver of the other car is fine too, shaken but not stirred. She didn’t really know what happened. A witness stated she was speeding up (maybe 50-55? faster?) and she watched it all unfold, and was the first to call 911. The driver was fasting for blood work, and probably had low blood sugar or something and just zoned out. Very nice lady, and so was her husband that showed up to help out. The witness stuck around and comforted the driver of the vehicle that struck me, until she calmed down. That was very sweet as well.  And then my wife came to the scene to make sure I was okay! The police took an hour and a half or so to get there due to other accidents.

Now I have to go through the ordeal to get the car fixed. It’s not too bad I don’t think. Have not spent much time looking at it. Rear deck is tweaked, rear bumper and supports damaged, tail light on driver’s side, some scratches on the left rear quarter, the exhaust looks like it is hanging down on that side, and the front and rear passenger side doors have creases in them from the guardrail. The driver’s side seat is bent, or maybe the supports as it is leaning at an angle, and the gearshift (auto transmission) is difficult to move. It is also pulling to the right and feels like a tire is out of balance.   I think that covers it. I hate that this car has been damaged, I actually love it… A 2004 Mazda 6 Sport Wagon… V6.. sweet ride… Or at least it was.  Thank God it was only the material things that seem to be hurt.

You still reading this? Sheesh you must be bored. Get back to work.

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  1. I am glad that only cars were damaged. I am thankful that I have only been in one wreck. It totaled the car but it scary. Hope you don’t feel too bad over the weekend.

  2. Thanks guy… Been a rough weekend with pain and the scary thing – numbness and tingling in my hand! It just kept getting worse from Friday until Sunday, which brought horrible pain where I just stayed in bed most of the day while my wifey and children went out for Mother’s Day dinner with the entire family, without me =(

    I broke down and went to the chiropractor this morning where he took some pretty pics (x-ray) and said I was a mess… Adjusted me and sent me on my way with some relief. Then, a client came by who is a massage therapist and had her tools of the trade with her and performed a very nice massage in my office that helped a bit more. A few more adjustments, a few more good rub downs and who knows, maybe this will all be behind me.

    I couldn’t drive this morning, raising my arms that high was uncomfortable, so my wife drove me to work, and I am trapped here until she leaves. Maybe tomorrow I can get back to driving the bashed up car (It has lots of problems but can be driven safely, I assume).

    Thanks again to my friends for the emails, replies, tweets, and phone calls. I love you all!

  3. 3 week since the accident, and 2 weeks since the car was dropped at the body shop… NOTHING has been done on the car as of yesterday morning =(

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