Microsoft Windows 7 Professional for only $29.99?? No way… YES WAY! If you are a student…

Microsoft Windows 7 Professional

Microsoft Windows 7 Professional

Yes, the subject is correct! Microsoft is offering students the deal of a lifetime…   Windows 7 Professional for only $29.99!

Follow this link to get the whole scoop…  In short you must have an email address ending with .edu, or be enrolled at a college listed as eligible on that site.

There is also a link at the bottom of that page for Microsoft Office Professional Academic version for $79.95, but last I checked, that link is broken.

If you have not checked out Microsoft Windows 7 and Microsoft Office yet, you should do so using the free trials that are available, or if you happen to be a student, upgrade to both for only 100 bucks!?!  What a great deal! What a way to start out the new school year, with the latest software!

If you really need a reason to upgrade other than features and having the latest, how about security? Windows 7 Professional and Office 2010 Professional address security better than any previous version!

Students with Macs are loading Windows 7 Professional on their computers for compatibility with the latest software and requirements of colleges, giving them the best of both worlds!

If you require assistance, please email info@homelandsecureit.com or call 864-990-4748 – we can provide help in installing either of these software packages to those in the Greenville / Upstate SC area.

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  1. I had an interesting call from a very nice lady in California who had been reading this blog and had questions about how to get Microsoft Office cheaper…

    I discussed the Academic program and the HUP (Home Use Program), but neither seemed to fit her situation. She asked, “Can I get a friend who works at admissions at a college to buy the Academic version?”…

    The short answer is, “Yes”… But if the friend gives you the program and you use it, you are not in compliance with the terms of use that Microsoft imposes upon the purchase and use of the software.
    It becomes a question of ethics… YOU CAN do exactly what the young lady wanted to do, but is it morally, ethically and legally okay to do so? I think you know the answer to that.

    I would read the terms of usage carefully for each of the two plans MS offers and maybe you can find a way to fit that criteria. For instance, the Academic use requirements state you have to have an .edu email address and be taking .5 credits I think. Simply sign up at a qualifying school and take a course in web design. Now you qualify for the MS product AND you can get the discounted Adobe products too.

    The long and short of it is, licensing of software is there for a reason. The full retail version costs so much because it costs a ton to design, develop, market & advertise. If you steal software by purchasing counterfeit copies, or otherwise go against the licensing agreements, you could literally be taking food off of someone’s table. When revenue doesn’t come in, they may have to lay off some poor person who now will not be able to afford software. So please keep that in mind…


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