Video security / surveillance for your home may be more affordable than you think

Caught in the act thanks to a security camera

Caught in the act thanks to a security camera

Do you ever wonder what is going on at your home when you are not there? Maybe you just want to know if someone approaches your door, or if a vehicle pulls into your driveway?

Call me paranoid, but I do!  We have surrounded our home and businesses with full color, night-vision cameras that record to a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) and in the event of motion, will send alerts in email to our phones, allowing us to see what we are missing out on.

In addition to that, we can view our cameras using a supported smart phone or any computer equipped with a web browser from anywhere in the world. This has come in handy several times, such as the other day when our alarm company called and said the fire alarm was going off at our home. Talk about a scary moment, but having the ability to see that the house was not full of smoke helped set our mind at ease and to cancel the call to the fire department (before they charged us money).

We receive discounts on our home and business insurance thanks to having both premise security in the form of intrusion detection alarms with smoke/fire/glass break and video surveillance keeping a watchful eye over the property. The cost of the alarms and video security will pay for themselves in reduced insurance premiums.

Camera systems have dropped dramatically in price over the last few years allowing home owners to experience the same security as businesses.

Whether you want a single camera watching your front door, or possibly facing towards where your boat / PWC is parked, or complete 360 degree exterior protection, it is all possible! Please call us at 864-990-4748, email info@homelandsecureit.com or stop by our offices if you would like more information about what is available or to see a demonstration of an installed system!

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