Microsoft Windows XP pro pre-install downgrade to be unavailable after 10/22/2010

The time has come for us to say goodbye to Microsoft Windows XP!

All of our computer vendors have been alerting us to the fact that after October 22, 2010 they will no longer be able to provide us with machines that include the downgraded Microsoft Windows XP professional and that Microsoft Windows 7 will be the only option. There are some exceptions, such as storing an image with the PC vendor and providing them with a product key, which they will store and apply to custom ordered machines after 10/22/2010.

I highly recommend you make the move to the new Microsoft Windows 7! Our clients are never disappointed with the performance and reliability of this operating system. Some people have abandoned their alternative OSes (linux and Mac) for the compatibility and features!

If you are still unsure if Windows 7 Pro is for you, please give us a call or email. We offer free computer / server consultation to Greenville & the Upstate of SC. We can also install your software on a Windows 7 machine and insure compatibility without the need for you to switch your infrastructure only to find out it was the wrong thing to do!

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