Need more speed from your wireless LAN? 802.11n is IN!

Cisco 802.11n Access Point

Typical Cisco 802.11n Certified Access Point

Late in 2009 the 802.11n wireless LAN standard was finally ratified by the IEEE, making way for a host of manufacturers to produce products that are certified with this standard.

What is 802.11n exactly? It is an upgrade to the 802.11b/g standard that has been in use for years in homes and businesses around the world. It’s the same, but different! Think of it as Wi-Fi on steroids.

Just how fast is it? Five times faster throughput than 802.11g and even faster throughput possible through the use of different formats of this new standard. Imagine a wireless LAN having throughput greater than your wired network!

“But I’ve already got 802.11n” you might say. While that is true, depending upon when you obtained it, you probably have the 802.11n Draft product that may not have all the bells and whistles of the post ratification standard and certified devices that are coming on the market.

The real secret sauce will be what is known as “three-spacial” and “four-spacial” systems… These will will make it a toss-up between a wired 10/100 LAN and wireless, even in heavy use environments.

When purchasing 802.11n equipment, you may wish to insure it is on the Wi-Fi Alliance’s list of certified devices which can be found HERE. Every major manufacturer is offering a line of products with the new standard, including our favorite, Cisco.

Need another reason to consider upgrading current 802.11b/g systems to the new standard? How about range? 802.11n has a more consistent coverage area!

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