Setting up a “gatekeeper” account in Microsoft Exchange & Outlook

Tip Of The Day – Gatekeeper Email Setup:

Here’s the scenario… Assume you are an executive and you are lucky enough to have a personal assistant. Now, let’s also assume you are sick of getting email from just any Tom, Dick or Harry. What do you do? You make your PA your “Gatekeeper”.

There are lots of ways to handle this, but let’s throw some other items into the mix just to make the possible solution below the best one…   You want to get your “filtered” mail on your desktop, your iPad, Outlook Web Access, your Android phone, and still have your contacts and calendars shared where your PA can drop those items right into your box.

My suggestion would be to create three accounts:

Mary Jane ( for your PA

Joe Blow ( for your external email, that the world mails to.

Joe Blow Personal (

Associate your Outlook account, iPhone, iPad, Android and other devices with Joe Blow Personal. If you use Outlook Web Access, you will login to OWA using Joe Blow Personal’s credentials.

Share the Joe Blow Personal account’s Calendar and Contacts (If you want the PA to make direct entries to those folders).

Set Mary Jane as a full owner of the Joe Blow account.

Now, on Mary Jane’s computer, set her Outlook to open the Mary Jane email account and an additional email account of Joe Blow (   Also, go to File/Open and open Joe Blow Personal’s Calendar and Contacts.

Mary Jane now can open the inbox of Joe Blow, where all the junk comes from, and sort it as they see fit, then forward the mail to you for reading (Or if you allow her to open your inbox, she could drag and drop the good stuff to your mailbox). Mary Jane can also directly enter calendar entries and contacts for your account.

You can set your reply-to address to be if you do not want people replying directly to you, so any emails you send out will be replied to and go direct to your gatekeeper.

Outlook and Exchange allow many wonderful configuration options… If you desire more information about this or anything related to Microsoft Exchange / Outlook, please call us at 864.990.4748 or email – we offer free consultations in the Greenville / Upstate, SC area!

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