Social Story Conference in Greenville Sept. 24th w/Trey Pennington & Others #Greenville #SocialStory

Here’s what I am looking forward to this month in Greenville:

Trey Pennington (@TreyPennington) has created the “Social Story Conference” which is going to be in Greenville, SC on September 24th. Trey, along with some other awesome people will be speaking on the subject of social media and social stories.  In short, how businesses can, and do, connect with people and form relationships, rather than force-feeding marketing down a one-way pipeline.

If you want to learn more about how to connect with your customer base, how to share in their lives, and how your products or services are part of their lives then you should consider going. If you are just wanting to continue to “broadcast” your information in the hopes that someone is going to listen, then avoid this conference by all means. Let’s face it, if you are constantly blathering on twitter about the $29.99 special your company offers without ever taking the time to follow your followers or listen to what they have to say, you are going to be unfollowed or filtered, just like the annoying car dealership commercials are muted by TV viewers.

The line up of speakers for Greenville is exciting! In addition to Trey Pennington, we’ll get to hear from and connect with Amber Osborne (@MissDestructo), Tim TV, Sean Buvala (@StoryTeller), Olivier Blanchard (@TheBrandBuilder), and Rick Murray… The emcee will be Phil Yanov (@ThinkHammer).

This is not about the social media platform, it is independent of the transport mechanism. It’s not about Twitter, or Facebook, it’s about connections.

More information is on the Social Story Conference website at http://socialstoryconference.com/ and you can also follow the hash tag of #SocialStory on Twitter.

Homeland Secure IT is proud to help sponsor this event and we can’t wait to see you there!

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  1. This is a wonderful article and event Trey. I wish I could be there, it sounds rewarding. One of the things so enjoyed for me as a creative writer/poet/artist I can share much without the feel of some marketing push, and on some levels it is still gaining notice for me in those fields. The people are incredible, laughs are shared, inspirations of other talents, and encouragement. The friendships across the web in social media are the best support team for anyone working on a dream. It has become so much more relaxed than it was when I first began. The friendships connecting are what make it all so much a reward to experience. I have encountered so many amazing talented writers, artists, poets, honored to be among them.
    ~I’d love to be at this event Trey! I know what will be shared will be truly an excellent experience of shared information. Connecting with all that, the chance to meet a few of those talented folks! ~April

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