Hate analog technology? You can opt-out of Yellow Page delivery and be green…

Monitor Stand

Monitor Stand

How about this for saving the environment: You can OPT OUT of receiving those pesky yellow pages phone books at your location!


This will come as good news for those who strive to be green, and bad news for the yellow page providers.

Of course, there are some legitimate reasons you may still wish to have the yellow pages delivered to you:

  • You enjoy ripping them in two
  • You need to lift your monitor up higher (see accompanying photo)
  • You use them for firewood
  • You use them for toilet paper (Our Alabama friends mainly)

Most of our clients do not use phone books at all… Google is their friend, they just search “Greenville computer service”, “Greenville computer support”, “Greenville computer repair”, etc to find what they want.

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  1. Thanks for this, I hadn’t even considered opting out even though those yellow books have gotten tossed for the past 9 years at my house.

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