IP Cam Viewer by Robert Chou is the best surveillance camera viewer for Android!

Since we have cameras at our offices and homes, it was only natural to want to see them on our new Android phones (Samsung Epic 4g).

IP Cam Viewer

IP Cam Viewer by Robert Chou for Android

We downloaded every app we could find in the marketplace and tried each of them out. Without a doubt, the best remote camera viewer was “IP Cam Viewer” by Robert Chou.

This app is only $10.00 to purchase, and free to use if you only have 4 cameras. The registered version will view all of our cameras at all locations as the app supports up to 32 cameras.

Will it work with your system? Chances are good that it will as it supports over 200 camera systems. It had settings for our office CCTV DVR where we have 8 cameras and our Panasonic IP cameras at the office (4 additional cameras) as well as the cameras that keep watch over our home, which are also Panasonic IP cameras.

We can view all of them at once on the phone, or view one large and several smaller frames. We can use the Pan-Tilt-Zoom functionality and a really cool feature is that we can enable the microphones and listen in at the remote site for the cameras that support that.

So if you are looking for the perfect app for your Android based phone, skip all the others, which seem to have annoying issues and lack of compatibility and download IP Cam Viewer Lite first. I bet you pay the 10 bucks and register it within 24hrs!

If you are wanting security / surveillance cameras for your Greenville or Upstate SC based home or business, we offer a wide selection of standard CCTV systems and IP Network Cameras, DVRs, NVRs, and more! Call us at 864.990.4748 or email info@homelandsecureit.com

UPDATE  –  2012-12-08:

This camera viewer software is STILL our favorite. We continue to evaluate every app we can to make sure our customers have the best tools in their arsenal to protect their property.

Robert Chou has an IP Cam Viewer for the iPad and iPhone too, and guess what?  It is also the best remote camera viewer software I have seen on those platforms!  There is support for more cameras than any other app I am aware of!

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  1. Hi,

    IP Camera viewer of your is one of the best appn I have so far; well done!! Keep it up, please. Do you have this version for iPhone?


  2. Wonderful app. Considering purchasing full version. My question is I have a sprint eve 4g. With a 800 by 480 screen. Can a webcam image be stretched to cover every part of the screen?. Thanks. Jeff

    1. Jacques, yes, we highly recommend the Argus software DVR, which can view multiple cameras, as well as record them.

      We can offer that for sale, or you can get it directly from their website…

  3. There is nothing like this app.
    The app has ears if ur cam does.
    It has a voice if ur cam does.
    Works very well with cheap IP
    cams Foscam Trendnet. DOES Pan
    and tilt. I talk to UPS man from 500
    Miles away. He thinks I’m home.
    Use on Moto DROIDX 2.

    THANK YOU!!!!


  6. I edited it and removed your phone number =)

    BTW: Did you try rebooting the camera. I have seen cameras stop sending audio… Next, export app settings, uninstall, download fresh (you should not have to pay again) and import the settings.

  7. hi,my name apostolis.i have a htc touch hd2 with windowd 6.5
    .can u tell me where i can find or buy your program?

  8. The Best application! I neede it everyday. Thanks! But do You know, is it something similar software for PC?

    Thanks, Jaakko

  9. No, it is not good. My camera is not listed on it and “search” or “auto Detect” option not available. I can’t add my camera. I have one “eneo CMS-1030” and one TP-Link TL-SC4171G one Tp-Link TL-SC3130G and many other IP-Cam. I have DVR camera server, and all of them is not listed on menu.


    1. Pat, you might be able to try another model and enter your settings. Works for us on several cameras that are not specifically supported in the software.

  10. Robert- I have a problem ‘remote-viewing’ four Foscam FI8910 IP Cameras. MY screens on my ATT HTC Android Camera-Phone come up with less than 50% image area with the rest of the image indicating camera data, password, url, etc. A call to the Foscam Tech Support (when you can reach them and when you can UNDERSTAND them) puts you off, saying “we can’t help with the applications”..I have tried your free app and the “lite” version and the “PRO”version with similar results ?? Can you tell me what I’m doing wrong?
    Thank you-

    1. Dick, the app is not “my” app, it’s Robert Chou’s app. I just blogged about it =)

      However, he’s constantly coming up with updates, and adding support for new cameras and DVRs. You should leave feedback on the marketplace / app store so he knows that you need help.

      Good luck!

  11. Robert,

    First of all this is a wonderful application, I have the Pro version and work very well for my cameras, but I just bought a new one and the PTZ is not working with your application.
    I’m using an Unknown brand with model IP-402B, but on the user guide of the camera they refer as Series B.
    Should I use another model? I tried few but this drive is the only one that gives me the image.
    Thank you

  12. Seems like you have decent experience working with this app, can you tell me, does it alert you to sound in the room? I want to use it as a baby monitor but want to make sure it alerts sounds first. Any help is appreciated! Thank you!

  13. Hi Robert,you have done a fantastic Job by getting this App’s for us,
    However we would be more happy if you can do a similar kind of App for PC’s so that we can Monitor Live DVR’s on our PC while at home,and if we have installed different DVR’s at different places??
    Waitin for reply

    1. Daniel,

      Unfortunately, I don’t think Robert follows this thread. I’m not the author of the app, just a big fan myself!
      We use it at our office, for our home, and many of our clients use it too. It is the absolute best app on iPad or Android that I have been able to find.

      For the PC< I have something that might work for you! A friend of mine, Ken Pletzer, has a PC application that could do what you want, and you can find it here: http://blueirissoftware.com/

      Free trial, and low purchase price. Give it a shot, and let us know!

  14. I have purchased the pro version of IP Cam Viewer. I am a member of Costco and BJs warehouse clubs. I always see several security systems with 8 or more cameras for sale. My question is what are the top 2 or 3 brands\models of security systems that work best with IP Cam Viewer software?

    1. Not to bash any particular brand, but most of the cameras I have seen at Costco are what you might consider to be mediocre quality. They may say they have 600 TVL, or even 700 on some of them, but when compared to IP cameras that are multi-megapixel, they pale in comparison in detail and lighting.

      If you can possibly afford it, aim for IP cameras over CCTV, otherwise, get what you can afford.

      Zmodo and their offshoots are as reliable as they come for inexpensive import camera systems available at Costco. And they work great with the IP Cam Viewer.

      BTW: I don’t think I am aware of any camera system that is not somewhat compatible now. The author continues to add drivers and support so just about anything you get will work.

      A tip to anyone who has an off-brand camera system that doesn’t have drivers or support in IP Cam Viewer – Try to find out who actually made the camera system. Most of the cheaper systems are made by a handful of manufacturers and just rebranded, so you can use the Zmodo drivers on a NightOwl, etc.

      Good luck!

      1. I agree, IP cameras hands down- I made a vow to never install another Analog camera 6 months ago, it is a disservice to people!

  15. Interesting note… This blog post has more views than any other post or page on the http://www.HomelandSecureIT.com website! It wins hands down by a wide margin in fact.

    Seems a lot of people must be interested in remotely monitoring their homes and businesses because this post has had 37,212 view since it was originally published.

    Not many replies, but lots of views.

    The page with the next highest number of views (29,727) is totally unrelated. It’s about The Rocky Horror Show (a musical).

    #3 is about hard drive prices with 28,885 views.
    #4 Cisco product review with 28,122
    #5 An Apple virus, trojan, worm post with 28,091
    #6 Another video surveillance post with 27,478

    So, I wonder, since two of the most popular items relate to video security, should I blog about more video surveillance related topics? Hrmmm


  16. Hi! I have this app for my android and it’s awesome! However, I read on this page that there is a version for iphone.. I can’t find it. I run a home daycare with a security cam that I allow the parent’s to login on. Some of them have iphones. Is this app under a different name on the app market for iphone? Or is it no longer available? Please let me know asap so that I can let the parent’s know… Thanks!

    1. In in the App Store, search for: IP Cam Viewer

      It says it is by “NibblesnBits”, but if you read the description, you will see “Written by Robert Chou”.

      I’m very surprised you cannot search the app store for “Robert Chou” and find it. But, none the less, the above should get you there. Good luck!

  17. We use Robert Chou’s IP CAM Viewer software on iPhones and Androids with great success, it’s a terrific app with listen and talk back capabilities that work very well.

    We also user Blue Iris software as the hub of our in-house surveillance system and that is simply awesome. They are working on the listen/talk feature but other than that it has an Phone app too that gives the user virtually total control over their fleet of IP cams. We can access the cams or video clips via the web interface from any pc, or the phone apps, or the actual console (pc dedicated to running Blue Iris as a service).

    We encourage serious IP cam surveillance shoppers (in SW Florida) to stop in and look for yourselves. http://www.networksupport.net

    We did a lot of research and tested numerous systems, and the combo of IP CAM VIEWER and BLUE IRIS are the best choices at this point in time.

    Thank you Robert Chou! – and also Ken at Blue Iris! Excellent solutions for IP cam video.

    1. I’m familiar with Blue Iris, in fact, a friend of mine, Ken Pletzer, who was the author of CNet BBS (for Commodore 64 and Amiga) is the developer!

      Thanks for your comments!

      1. I agree Ken is a good man.

        We reviewed several packages over the period of about a month before selecting Blue Iris – and at that point the selection was very easy… Blue Iris blew away any competitor – and the cost is extremely reasonable. Cost was not a factor during our evals, but was a pleasant surprise at purchase – roughly $50, and the phone apps are roughly $10 each.

        We are fairly technical as you might expect a computer networking technical service firm should be, and as such we felt Ken was owed some direct feedback from us after we did our install. He appreciated getting positive feedback.

        These developers spend all day answering questions and often deal with people who are a bit in over their heads. He was very appreciative of us providing a brief synopsis of how our installation went. We have also provided some unsolicited input as far as minor things we would like to see, and he responded quickly that those were already in the works.

        So, in a nutshell – Ken responds to his emails in a timely manner, his software is a “steal”, and his software is very comprehensive. He also listens for what people want, and implements those ideas.

        As I mentioned before, for a quick IP Cam phone app that is very reasonably priced and probably does more than you need, Robert Chou’s IP Cam Viewer is worth upgrading from the Lite to Pro version.

        If you seek that complete solution that integrates the cams with secure internet web access from anywhere, DVR type recording of cameras with virtually any schedule of trip method AND portable hand held controls (Phone Apps) – then Blue Iris without a second thought.

        1. Thanks again for the feedback Bob.

          You have helped put Ken’s product offering back on my list to check out… May drop him a line via Facebook (I kinda stalk him on there) just to let him know you are out fighting the good fight for him.

  18. Regarding IP CAM VIEWER… perhaps a little tip you might use? Average folks may find something useful here and Pros will be underwhelmed… but here goes:

    First, I assume WiFi is available locally where the cams are installed and share the same network. This isn’t always the case, but for my example below let’s assume a few cams were added to a small office data network and it’s a simple basic install.

    Use IP CAM VIEWER’s “Group” feature.

    In my example, I use it to define the same cameras twice – one way if I’m at the location where the cams are installed – and the other if I’m NOT at the location where the cams are installed. In my scenario, 2 “Groups” are setup – which I can “Recall” either the group named “Local” or the other named “Off-site”.

    The same 6 cams are configured in each group, the local group uses the direct local IP scheme for each cam such as 10.10.10.XXX – and the off-site group uses the internet address port assignments configured in our firewall – such as webcams.networksupport.net:8085 for example (bogus, but for example only). In this example port 8085 might point to local IP Cam, port 8086 might point to the cam at, and so forth.

    If I am at the office using my iPhone and it’s attached to our wifi, I become part of our 10.10.10.XXX network – and select “Recall Group” “Local” – I then get fairly high quality video/audio due to the increased bandwidth and reduced latency.

    When I leave the office, I select “Recall Group” “Offsite” – and although I’m no longer on my local 10.10.10.XXX network, I can see my cams from anywhere. If I can attach to wifi such as the home the speed/quality obviously improves.

    You could use the group feature several ways, but using wifi helps this app produce better quality.

    Now the beauty of Blue Iris and its app, is that these double entries are unnecessary because you only need to define the cams once to your Blue Iris “server” and then that server broadcasts the video/data directly to the Blue Iris phone apps or to the internet via its internal web server – and it’s done with a level or two of security. There are another hundred great things the Blue Iris system does too…

    While IP CAM Viewer and the Blue Iris APP are similar, they are also unique enough to warrant having both available. I use both regularly, and perhaps after Ken @ BI makes additional changes I’ll only use Blue Iris – but having both can be beneficial, especially when troubleshooting these systems, and these are cheap apps.

    ALSO – ONLY buy the Blue Iris app if you have the full blown Blue Iris system – without it you’ve got nothing so don’t do that.

    As this whole page is really about Robert Chou’s IP CAM Viewer, get it – you’ll use it, appreciate it. Blue Iris is awesome too – but it’s a comprehensive system where the other is a basic viewer.

    One last thing… watch all those little buttons on IP CAM Viewer. You can easily turn on/off things like infrared with an accidental touch – which may affect the cam output going into the Blue Iris system.

  19. Excellent information Bob…

    Would you like to write up a review of Blue Iris for our blog?
    If so, send it to me and be sure to write up a byline to include that explains who you are, and who you are with and contact info, website, etc.

    I checked out your company’s site and it seems we are in the same line of business, separated by a state!

  20. First, I have to point out a major blast from the past. I used C-Net for MANY years (C-64, C-128 and Amiga – Wizards Vale BBS) and Ken was always an amazing developer and supporter. Totally unexpected to see his name pop up while searching about an app for my phone. So, this REALLY made my day! 😀

    Now to my questions:

    What exactly is the difference between the Basic and Pro versions? The Playstore description identifies a few and ends with “and more.” What exactly is the “and more?”

    Another question is how do I get the home screen to show the cameras using the widget feature? I’m using a Samsung Galaxy S4.


    1. Hey there…. This is John M. Hoyt / Warren Peace / WarNPeace from the C-Net days when I ran Non-Prophet BBS and eventually Amiga Connection / AmiCon / Amicon.net. Sooo, been dealing with Ken for a few years!

      Let’s first look at the topic at hand… Robert Chou’s IP Cam Viewer. The free version has 4 camera views max. Perfect for most home applications, and some people who have 8 and 16 camera systems are really only concerned with a couple areas, such as their front door (who comes and goes), the driveway (Did UPS deliver a package?), the back yard, etc….

      The Pro version allows you to have way more cameras and more features. I think I have 30+ setup on my Android (Samsung Galaxy SIII) for demo purposes currently. That’s a whole lot.
      You can group them, etc.

      The IP Cam Viewer is still my favorite app on both Android and iThings.

      However – I’m starting to use Blue Iris. I have it setup at home, watching 4 cameras, recording them and allowing me to use the Blue Iris app on my iPad. I’m starting to like it.
      In fact, I installed it on my office computer, and it is recording 3 cameras and alerting me to motion on those 3 particular cameras (A DVR watches another 8 CCTV cameras).

      As soon as I can get Blue Iris to work with the DVR at work, I will put it through its paces a little better.

      Ken is reachable at blueirissoftware.com (there’s a contact link), if you would like to get back in touch.


  21. IP Cam Viewer by Robert Chou really the best surveillance camera.
    Thank for Mr Robert.
    We wait new realese version for dev. cloud ID device DVR or camera.

  22. I like the app, but since KitKat I lost sound (listem/talk) on my Samsung GT I 9505. I bought the app. The version is v5.7.0.2

    The camera’s (Wanscam AJ-C2WA-C118) do work, on my PC I can listen/talk using the Wanscan software.

    I hope you can help me.

    Greetings from The Netherlands


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