Listen to your Asterisk / TrixBox Voice Mail WAV Email Attachments on Android Phones

Are you using an Asterisk based VoIP system and have your voice mails sent to you via email? If you are using an Android based phone, you may not be able to open these attachments within email and play them.

Several forums discuss workarounds that should get you going, such as having the VoIP system convert the audio file to MP3 format, but there is an easier way than that.

We found a great Android app in the Market Place that handles this perfectly! For the price of only 99 cents, you can open your emails, and if they contain WAV file attachments, play them, instead of possibly saving them, then using another media player to listen.

There are probably free apps that will do the same thing, however, this one tested well and performs as expected, so I will recommend it to you.

Search the Android Market Place for “WavPlayer”, it is by Dennis Lockshine.

Once installed, open an email with a voice mail (WAV) attachment and¬†you can then¬†PLAY. When prompted, select the WAV Player app…

If you are using another app, maybe a free one, or a more full featured one, I would love to hear from you… If you are in the Greenville / Upstate SC area and need help with this app or your VoIP system, please call us at 864.990.4748 or email info@homelandsecureit.com

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  1. Bought it and tried it anfd it did not work. My voixce mails in Outlook were working OK until I installed the latest soft wareupgrade for Droid X. Now the wav file reies to open but gets caught steaming for a second and sounds like a broken record or a skipping CD

  2. Mark,

    That is a strange one I have not seen (or heard)…. If you can’t hear the file attachment in Outlook OR on the Droid, I’m afraid you have a codec problem or something on the phone system?

  3. John.

    Thanks for the reccomendation. I had troubles by reading y email wav documents, but I installed the “WavPlayer” application and ! thats work !

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